Learn All Types Of Adding Fractions

How to add fractions to fractions, whole numbers and mixed numbers

To learn adding fractions, kids need to know two steps. In first step kids learn how to add fractions with like (same) denominators. Adding fractions with like denominators (also called the adding fractions with same denominators) is very easy.

In second step of fraction addition, students need to learn how to add two or more fractions with the different (unlike) denominators.

Adding fractions with like denominators:


When two fractions have the same (like) denominators and you want to add them, add both the numerators to get a new number which becomes the numerator of the answer. Never ever add denominators of fractions. The same (common) denominator is kept in the answer.

In other words, when two fractions have the same denominators, then we can add both numerators to get the answering numerator and we keep the same denominator for the answer. So, the denominators of both the fractions we are adding and that of the  answering fraction, are always same.

If possible, you can reduce the resulting fractions into lowest terms by finding gcf of the numerator and denominator.


When two fractions have the same denominators, adding these fractions is easy. Just add the numerators to get the numerator of answer, denominator remains the same.

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Hence, the above explanation proves that when we add two fractions with the same denominator, we need to add the numerators only to get the numerator of the answer and denominator stays the same as the fractions we added.

Adding fractions with different denominators:


When two fractions have unlike (different) denominators, we have to change these fractions into equivalent fractions with same denominators.

You will learn and practice both types of fractions addition at this site. We tried our best to develop the lessons with proper explanations on how to add fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Following the lessons, there are key fractions worksheets on addding fractions to practice the skills you learned from your teacher or by using our lessons. Remember, math is a subject, which requires a lot of practice to become perfect in any topic. Hence, don't forget to do all the worksheets given in this site or in your text books.

The next page on the site is about adding fractions with like denominators. Print the key lessons to enhance your understanding on basic fraction addition with like denominators. Next to lessons you will find key worksheets to practice the skills you learned in the lessons.

Once you are comfortable with adding fractions with like denominators, go to the next page named unlike denominators in the navigation bar. Same way print the lessons to learn more about adding fractions with unlike denominators. Practice using our worksheets and find yourself perfect in adding fractions of any kind.

Best of luck with your studies

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