Comparing Fractions Worksheets & Lessons

There are mainly three types of problems on comparing fractions. Often grade four or higher students encounter these questions in their math tests or quizes.

Three types of comparing fractions problems include the following types:

  1. Comparing two or more fractions with same denominators but different numerators.
  2. Comparing two or more fractions with same numerators but different denominators.
  3. Comparing fractions when they have different numerators and denominators.

The basic requirement to compare two or more fractions is the knowledge of multiplication and equivalent fractions.

Comparing fractions worksheets for kids





Key lessons on comparing fractions (grades 4 - 6)


Below are the key lessons to learn how to compare two or more fractions. Remember that to compare any number of fractions, knowledge of basic multiplication skills and equivalent fractions is vital.



Lesson - 1:       Comparing fractions with like denominators 

When two or more fractions have the same denominators, then it is very easy to compare these fractions. If the denominators are same then compare only the numerators exactly the same way you compare the whole numbers. Fraction with the largest numerator is largest and vice versa. Print the above lesson to get deep understanding of the concept. 

Lesson - 2:      Comparing fractions with like numerators but different denominators 

If the given fractions have the same numerators comparing them is still very easy. Just compare the denominators of these fractions. The fraction with the greatest denominator is smallest. Print the above lesson for further study of the topic.

Lesson - 3:      Comparing fractions with different numerators and different denominators 

When the fractions, you want to compare, have different numerators and denominator then it takes some effort and skills to compare them. You need to convert all the given fractions into equivalent fractions with the same denominators. Once the denominators are same compare the fractions as explained in lesson 1.

Summary: Remember that if you have learned comparing fractions with different denominators and numerators, you also prepared yourself to add or subtract fractions with different denominators. The key is the knowledge of equivalent fractions and least common multiple of numbers.

Comparing Fractions Worksheets


Now that you have gone through all the basic lessons on comparing fractions, the next step is to do a lot of practice using comparing fractions worksheets. All the worksheets are according to the lessons given above and also have example problems contained in them.


Also, this is a grade five level skill but grade four kids with strong basic math skills can start learning it. Now print all of the worksheets given on comparing fractions and get perfect on this key skill.

Comparing fractions worksheet - 1            Comparing fractions worksheets - 2          Comparing Fractions worksheets - 3 

Comparing fractions worksheet - 4            Comparing fractions worksheets - 5          Comparing fractions worksheets - 6   

Comparing fraction worksheets - 7          Comparing fractions worksheets - 8        Comparing fractions worksheets -9 

Hope that students have got the concept of comparing fractions using our lessons and worksheets. You can learn more about the fractions by visiting this site >>>> free fractions tool This site have some good fractions games and visuals, including comparing fractions activities. 

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