Adding Fractions With Like Denominators


How to add fractions with same denominators

At this page you will find helpful lessons to learn adding fractions with same denominators. To learn adding fractions with like denominators, you can print the following lessons on the topic. Pay close attention to learn the tricks explained in the lessons to master this skill.

This lesson teaches kids how to add two fractions when they have the like denominators.

Print the above lesson by clicking on it or you can print it below along with other worksheets.

Below are the lesson and worksheets to master adding fraction with like denominators, print and start exploring your skills to the next level.


Lesson to learn adding fractions with like denominators 

Guided worksheet on the concept     Worksheet Number 2      

Worksheet Number 3           Worksheet Number 4

Worksheet to practice adding fractions with like denominators 

Adding two fractions with same denominators vertically

Worksheet Number - 1                               Worksheet Number - 2 

Kids in grade five must know how to add fractions with like denominators. This is the base to start adding fractions. To add fractions with same denominators, we need to add just the numerators of the given fractions to get the numerator of the answer and the denominator of the answering fractions remains the same as of given fractions.

Hope the above worksheets and lessons have helped the students to master the concept of adding fractions with same denominators.

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