Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators

How to add fractions with unlike denominators

At this page you will find helpful lessons and worksheets to learn how to add fractions with unlike denominators. This page contains lessons on adding fractions to whole numbers, adding mixed numbers with proper fractions and so.To learn adding fractions with unlike denominators, you can print the following lessons on the topic. Pay close attention to learn the tricks explained in the lessons to master this skill.

Step by step lesson to learn how to add fractions with unlike denominators.

Print the pdf version of the above lesson along with other worksheets given below

Below are the key lessons including the above lesson; print, learn and make yourself be able to add any kind of fractions with unlike denominators.

Lesson - 1                       Lesson - 2                       Lesson - 3 

Now that, you understand how add fractions with different denominators, it is time to practice this key skill. Print the following two page worksheet and do all the problems to master the skill:

Worksheet - 1                   Worksheet - 2                    Worksheet - 3

Worksheet - 4                  Worksheet - 5                     Worksheet - 6

Adding Fractions with unlike denominators final worksheet

Below are more worksheets to practice the same but vertcial addition. If students want to do more practice, then they should print the following worksheets:

Adding fractions vertically with unlike denominators     Adding unlike fractions vertically worksheet 2 

How to add whole numbers and fractions:

After learning all the lessons above and doing all the problems given in the worksheets, now is the time to learn how to add fractions and whole numbers. We find many students having difficulty doing problems involving additions of fractions and whole numbers. But no more struggling on this, just print the following lesson and worksheets and find yourself a pro in no time.

Lesson to learn how to add whole numbers and fractions 

Worksheet - 1                                   Worksheet - 2                                   Worksheet - 3 

How to add mixed numbers to fractions:

Well done, if you have reached to this point by lerning and practicing everything given in this site before this point. If you just found this page by search, we suggest you to visit the rest of the site to find basic steps to get to this point. At this point you are ready to learn and perform operatios with mixed numbers.

As you have learned already, that mixed numbers are a type of fractions having a whole number part, and a proper fraction, now you will learn how to add fractions and mixed numbers or how to add mixed numbers. Below are the lesson and worksheets to learn how to add fractions with mixed numbers:

Lesson to learn how to add mixed numbers and fractions 

Worksheet - 1            Worksheet - 2            Worksheet - 3            Worksheet - 4            Worksheet - 5 

Worksheet - 6            Worksheet - 7            Worksheet - 8            Worksheet - 9            Worksheet - 10 

Hence all the worksheets from Guru Angad Educational to learn and practice how to add fractions to fractions or to mixed numbers or even how to add two mixed numbers.

Best of Luck.

Guru Angad Educational Team

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