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Similar to adding fractions, we need to have the same denominators to subtract fractions. And, students should learn subtracting fractions with like denominator before learning how to subtract fractions with unlike denominators. There are both kinds of fractions worksheets on this site.

When two or more than two fractions have the same denominator and we want to subtract them; then it is very easy to subtract these fractions. Just subtract the numerators of the fractions to get the new numerator for the answering fraction and keep the common denominator same for the answer.

As usual, we are giving the lessons on how to subtract one fraction from another, how to subtract a fraction from a whole number or vice versa and finally how to subtract fractions and mixed numbers and then fractions worksheets.

Key lessons on subtracting fractions:

Below are the key lessons on subtracting fractions in the form of examples, print these lessons to learn many tricks on subtracting fractions of all kinds including mixed numbers and whole numbers:

Lesson - 1                Lesson - 2             Lesson - 3 

Lesson - 4                Lesson - 5 

Now that, you got comfortable with the skill of subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators, it's time to practice our subtracting fractions worksheets. Below are couple of fractions worksheets for you to practice:

Worksheet - 1        Worksheet - 2       Worksheet - 3 

More subtracting fractions worksheets to review below:

Subtracting fractions with like denominators         Subtract fractions with unlike denominators 

Subtract fractions with unlike denominators          Subtracting mixed numbers

Adding and subtracting fractions vertically:

Many books have problem exercises on fractions, where the fractions are written vertically. So far, we have given lessons and worksheets on adding and subtracting fractions horizontally. But, we wish to include some of the lessons and exercises on how to add and subtract fractions vertically.

The method to solve these fraction problems is same as in case of horzontal addition or subtraction of fractions but different way to write the problem and represent the solution to it. Hence, always have the same denominator before you add or subtract the fractions.

Below are the lessons and worksheets on this final concept of adding or subtracting fractions:

Adding and subtracting fractions vertically - lesson     Worksheets - vertical addition and subtraction 

Adding and subtracting more than two fractions          Adding and subtracting fractions worksheet 

Adding and subtracting fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers 

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