Multiply Fractions

How to multiply fractions

The direct rule to multiply fractions is to multiply top (numerator) to top of both fractions, and bottom (denominator) to bottom of both the fractions. You have to reduce the answering fraction into its lowest terms if there exists a greatest common factor between numerator (top) and denominator (bottom) of the resulting fraction.


Use the following lessons to enhance your knowledge on how to multiply fractions. These lessons are designed to meet the learning needs of grade seven and grade eight students.

How To Multiply Fractions Lessons:

In grade seven, most schools introduce multiplying fractions to students. The following lessons can be used to enhance the skill learned from teachers or tutors.

Lesson - 1       Lesson - 2     Lesson - 3 

Fractions worksheets based on above lessons:

Below are the key fractions worksheets to practice how to multiply fractions. Multiplying fractions skills are very important to learn other topics in math. For example; many topics in geometry like similar triangles or slopes need good knowledge of multiplying fractions.


How to multiply fractions         Multiply fractions            Multiply fractions - 3              

Multiply fractions - 4             Multiplying fractions worksheet - 5     

Multiplying fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers:

Print the following lessons and fractions worksheets to learn how to multiply fractions with whole numbers and how to multiply fractions with mixed numbers:

Lesson - 3      

More fractions worksheets on how to multiply fractions with whole numbers and how to multiply mixed numbers with fractions:

Worksheet # 1            Worksheet # 2        Multiplying mixed numbers worksheet

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