Dividing Fractions

How to divide fractions with fractions

Hints for dividing fractions

We never divide fractions same way as the whole numbers, but convert divdide into multiplication; means, whenever you see a divide sign between two fractions; remember to convert it into multiplication by finding the reciprocal of the fraction after the divide sign.

Hence, for dividing fractions, reciprocal is the key. Print the following lesson and then practice the fractions worksheets on reciprocal of fractions before we move on to learn dividing fractions.

Lessons on Reciprocal of a fraction 

Now try the following fractions worksheets on finding reciprocal of fractions:

Reciprocal worksheet - 1     Reciprocal worksheet - 2       

Now that, you know how to find reciprocal of a fraction, the next step is to learn dividing fractions using our lessons given below. Once you understand the concept of dividing fractions; print the fractions worksheets on dividing to make sure that you are perfect on this skill.

This page contins all types of lessons and worksheets on division of fractions. Division of fraction is at the top of fractional learning. Next to it is order of operations involving fractions. Soon we'll include a new section to this site, containing order of operation with fractions.

Division worksheets start at basic levels and then get harder by including dividing fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers. Learn and practice all type of fraction division by using the following lessons and worksheets.

Dividing Fractions Lesson - 1       Dividing Fractions Lesson - 2      Dividing Fractions Worksheet - 1 


Dividing fractions worksheet - 2      Dividing Fractions Worksheet - 3    

Wish you best of luck with your fractional learning and rest of topics in math.

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