Reducing Fractions Worksheets and Lessons

At this page all the resources are available to learn reducing fractions into lowest terms. If you take some time to go through the lessons given here and then practice the reducing fractions worksheets, then there is no doubt that you can't solve all the problems involving reducing fractions into their lowest terms.

Our worksheets are designed to give the practice and understanding of the concept, kids need to have to simplify fractions into their lowest terms.

Rducing fractions into lowest terms

How To Reduce Fractions Into Lowest Terms

If kids know well about the equivalent fractions then they can reduce any type of fraction easily. This is because reducing fractions is actually undoing the the effect of equivalent fractions.

In other words, most often we multiply to find equivalent fractions but if we divide the numerator and denominator of a fraction by their greatest common factor, we have reduced this fraction into its lowest terms.

Hence the knowledge of equivalent fractions and greatest common factor is vital to learn how to reduce a fraction into its lowest terms.

This skill is very important as we need to reduce fractions into lowest terms after adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Hence this skill is going to work for you in the long run and this page gives the opportunity and worksheets to master this key skill.


Lessons on reducing fractions into lowest terms



Reducing fractions means; to simplify them into lowest terms by dividing the numerator and the denominator by their greatest common factor (gcf).

Below are the key lessons on simplifying fractions, make sure you go through these lessons before practicing fractions worksheets:

Lesson - 1 

This lesson is basic introduction to reducing fractions and shows how to reduce fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by their greatest common factor (gcf).

Lesson - 2 

In this lesson there are two methods to reduce fractions have been compared. Dividing method Vs Cutting method.                                   

Lesson - 3 

This lesson explains how to simplify fractions using cutting method and its benefits to multiply fractions.

Lesson - 4 

This lesson introduces the method how to reduce fractions using prime factors of numerator and denominator.

Make sure you are very good at reducing fractions as this is a key skill which is used in many other spots, while working on fractions. You can be asked straight to reduce or simplify a fraction, simplify your answer (or reduce your answer) into lowest terms after adding or subtracting two or more fractions or you have to reduce the answer into lowest terms after multiplying or dividing two or more fractions.


Reducing Fractions Worksheets



After going through the lessons on reducing fractions, next step is to make sure you learned it all by using practice worksheets. The first and most widely used method to reduce a fraction into its lowest terms is finding the greatest common factor of the numerator and denominator of the fraction.

Once you know the gcf of the numerator and denominator of the fraction then divide both of them by this gcf you found and you will get a new equivalent fraction in the reduced form of original fraction.

If you don't like to find the greatest common factor, the alternative method is to use prime factors of the numerator and denominator and then use cutting method. All methods are there and choice is yours to choose the best fit for you.

Practice the following fractions worksheets on reducing fractions to make you perfect on this skill:

Reducing fractions worksheet - 1                       Reducing fractions worksheet - 2 

Simplifying fractions worksheet - 3                    Reducing fractions worksheet - 4

Simplifying fractions worksheets - 5                  Reducing fractions worksheets - 6

Practice all of the above fractions worksheets to make you comfortable with the skill. Simplifying fractions is the key skill because you need it after adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Most of the fractional problems ask to simplify your answer into lowest terms or reduce the answer into simplest form. To do the task, you need to be excellent on how to simplify fractions into their lowest terms.


Keep up the great work. As you already know that mathematics need a lot of practice, and fractions practice will make you perfect; use our worksheets to practice what do you know.


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